Market Summary 1Q22

Three months ago, the economy was robust. COVID was less lethal, and the global re-opening was exuberant. U.S. consumers were clamoring for domestic travel, houses, furniture, and automobiles. Wages were up 5.4% in 2021, the highest in 20 years, and GDP climbed to $24 trillion, a 5.5% increase after adjusting for inflation. (Click the image […]

Plan Legislative and Regulatory Update 1Q22

On March 29th, the House of Representatives passed The Securing a Strong Retirement Act, H.R. 2954, also known as the SECURE Act 2.0.1 It builds on 2019’s SECURE Act and passed the House with a bipartisan 414-5 vote. (Click the image below to download a PDF copy and for clickable links.)