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Market Summary 3Q22

The Fed: Eye of the Storm While the Ukraine crisis continues to complicate energy supplies and prices, especially in Europe, and milder coronavirus variants cause deaths in the U.S., the primary driver of short-term economic events has been the Federal Reserve (“The Fed”). (Click the image below to download a PDF copy and for clickable […]

Market Summary 2Q22

”Recession Speak” has become the language of finance, and the factors which signify an economic slowdown are being debated with gusto. However, there is little agreement about the timing, severity, and length of the recession we may face. (Click the image below to download a PDF copy and for clickable links.)

Market Summary 1Q22

Three months ago, the economy was robust. COVID was less lethal, and the global re-opening was exuberant. U.S. consumers were clamoring for domestic travel, houses, furniture, and automobiles. Wages were up 5.4% in 2021, the highest in 20 years, and GDP climbed to $24 trillion, a 5.5% increase after adjusting for inflation. (Click the image […]

Market Summary 4Q21

By nearly every measure, 2021 was a booming year. The economy, aided by $6 trillion of Trump and Biden deficits and an accommodative Federal Reserve, roared back to life. GDP growth could reach an annual 5.5%, the highest result in over 35 years. Unemployment dropped from 6.7% to 3.9% and there are over 10 million […]

Market Summary 3Q21

2021 estimates as outlined in the FOMC’s Summary of Economic Projections Evergrande, China’s second largest real estate developer by sales, is on the brink of collapse after the country’s central bank tightened credit and tried to address its overbuilding problem. As China continues to tighten, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more leveraged companies […]

Market Summary 2Q21

After a dozen years of fighting deflation, COVID has created a series of (not so) “tiny bubbles” reminiscent of the old Lawrence Welk Show. The market is in a perpetual state of everyone wanting the same things at the same time. During the throes of the pandemic, it was toilet paper, yeast, and home organization […]

Market Summary 1Q21

After a historically tumultuous 2020, we could have all used a breather. Instead, the first week of 2021 saw the storming of the U.S. Capitol by protesters trying to stop the presidential election certification. Hundreds have been arrested since then, and security remains tight in Washington, D.C. against a backdrop of heightened tension….(Click the image […]

2020: A Stunning First Four Months!

As the following performance data of the S&P 500 attests, the recent rally in stock prices has been a gift! Three events account for the S&P 500’s spectacular recovery. 1. Massive fiscal and monetary support for credit markets, companies and the economy. 2. Hope for the continued progress in taming the coronavirus pandemic, especially the […]

Operations Update: Working from Home

The past several emails from NWCM to clients have focused on the pandemic and on the bear market. Staff have been getting an extra hour or two of sleep lately with the recent market rally. (Hopefully, clients have been sleeping better, too!) In the near future, client emails will most likely revert to our thoughts […]